Supporting citizen-led health and social care decisions

Deliberative Commissioning: an overview of the event in the Engine Room at the People's History Museum, Manchester

As part of Jam & Justice's National Co-Production Week programme, Shared Future CIC facilitated an afternoon workshop at the People’s History Museum, exploring the role of so-called “mini publics”, with a particular focus on Health and Social Care.

28 organisations were represented, with a mix of local authorities, clinical commissioning groups, and voluntary, community and social enterprises.

The case studies presented included:

  • Our Voice, a citizens’ assembly funded by the Scottish government to look at providing better information about health care decisions, prompted by research around ‘realistic medicine’

  • Blackpool Citizens’ Inquiries, a collaboration between local government and the NHS aimed at tackling wider aspects of public health and wellbeing and involving citizens who would not traditionally get involved in such decision-making

  • The Care at Home inverted citizens’ inquiry: delivered in partnership with Jam & Justice, putting health and social care professionals at the core of the inquiry, with expert commentary provided by those with lived experience

  • A citizens’ jury determining the best location for a new hospital, following a decision to close two in the Forest of Dean; led by Citizens’ Juries CIC, this was a distinctive open process, with members of the public free to observe the deliberations

  • A citizens’ assembly in Northern Ireland focused on the future of social care and how to balance needs and expectations, yielding 27 practical recommendations and 3 overarching resolutions including permission for (longterm) leadership

Elements of the discussion were captured live on Twitter using the hashtag #delibGM.

Shared Future have put together a resources page, for those who wish to look at the presentations and find out more information about the examples showcased.

We are grateful to the Greater Manchester Health & Social Care Partnership and North West Association of Directors of Adult Social Services for co-sponsoring this event.