Jam and Justice: Co-Producing Urban Governance for Social Innovation

Cities are sites of crisis and opportunity. In a context of rapid social change and austerity, the effectiveness of traditional systems of urban governance is in doubt. 

Jam and Justice aims to create a unique space for social innovation to co-produce, test and learn from new ways of governing cities. ‘Jam’ is about trying to bring together different partners in the city to experiment and innovate to address shared problems. ‘Justice’ is about re-connecting with those who have been disenfranchised and excluded from the search for solutions.

Through the development of an Action Research Collective (ARC) in Greater Manchester, Jam and Justice brings together academics, practitioners, citizens and political leaders to exchange knowledge and develop creative responses to emerging urban governance challenges. The ARC has co-initiated a series of action research projects to generate primary data to test and learn from different approaches to citizen engagement. Jam and Justice also promotes networking, debates and learning within the UK and internationally. This will enable critical reflection on how to organise knowledge better to make positive urban transformations happen that are inclusive and equitable.

The Jam and Justice project is funded by a grant from the UK Economic and Social Research Council.

Co-producing urban governance for social innovation