Find out more about Jam and Justice's projects and activities in these bite-sized videos:

  • Let's Co-Produce a Coalition
    filmed by Alice Toomer - McAlpine

In January 2019, Jam and Justice curated our first coalition-forging event. This short video shows what happened.

  • How to co-produce a city?
    filmed by Alice Toomer - McAlpine

In November 2018, members of the Jam and Justice Action Research Collective and policy-makers from the Greater Manchester Combined Authority co-delivered a workshop at the International Observatory for Participatory Democracy meeting in Barcelona.

  • The People's Republic of Energy,
    filmed by Alice Toomer McAlpine 

How can citizens have greater involvement in the municipal energy system? This project developed an innovative process of participatory energy walks and imagined alternative energy futures to explore this question in an accessible and engaging way. 

  • The Action Research Collective Go to Scotland 
    Filmed by Alice Toomer McAlpine

Reflections on a peer learning visit to the What Works Scotland Centre in Glasgow. 



  • Coproducing the GM Mayor's Green Summit, March 2018, Manchester,
    Filmed by Alice Toomer McAlpine

Field report from the Mayor's Green Summit, March 2018.



  • Beth Perry gives feedback to the Mayor's Green Summit, March 2018,
    footage from BBC live-stream

Feedback on the importance of rethinking education, engagement and expertise in redesigning policy procsses. 



  • Jenny Rouse discussed Jam and Justice's experiments in alternative governance on Divas Up North, July 2017.

ARC-member Jenny Rouse's interview was originally broadcast on Salford City Radio (94.4FM). Listen online:

  • Just Urban Research? 
    written and produced by Professor Beth Perry

An animated poem capturing the ideas behind Jam and Justice, before the start of the project.