Report out today - How can we govern cities differently?

Reporting back from 3.5 years of research, How can we govern cities differently? The promise and practices of co-production -- was published on Wednesday 3 July 2019.

As it says on the cover:

Towns, cities and city-regions are facing urgent questions:

How can a wider and more diverse range of people be included in governing cities?
How can we bring together what we know to tackle critical issues in our cities?
How can we change policies and decision-making to produce fairer outcomes?

Jam and Justice suggests that co-production has a critical role to play in addressing these challenges.

  • Based on 3.5 years of action research, this report argues that co-production can contribute to opening processes, creating synergies and seeding change in how to govern cities differently.
  • This report sets out what we have found - what practices can support co-production, what we have achieved, and what this means for governing cities differently.
  • This is essential reading for anyone interested in how we might govern cities differently.
  • The promise of co-production is seductive. While we are enthusiasts, we advocate caution. There’s no simple ‘fix’ or method for co-production.
  • A distinctive contribution of Jam and Justice is to link the process and outcomes of co-production. By starting in the right place, co-production can be a stepping stone to wider change.

The full report is available to download below.

You can also request a copy by email.

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