New: Videos from #JustCities2019

In October, the University of Sheffield hosted the fourth international Realising Just Cities conference. Several parts of the programme were captured on video and are now available to watch on the UK Realising Just Cities Youtube channel. We're also pleased to be able to share slides from the policy exchange with Greater Manchester Combined Authority (see downloads below).

The YouTube selection includes:

Five responses to the question "What difference did it make?" including UK Realising Just Cities co-researcher Sharon Davies:

View the full playlist of Testimonials on YouTube.

Full-length recordings from three of the ten parallel workshops:

Summaries from each of the ten workshops, from the designated rapporteurs. (View the playlist on YouTube.)

And the #JustCities2019 keynote lecture from Professor Lyla Mehta:

For those who prefer to read, a report from the conference is available on the RJC UK blog and we've also contributed to the international report featured in the latest Mistra Urban Futures newsletter.

Edit (18 Dec): A video recording from the panel discussion is also now available: "How can we support local action to address global challenges and realise more just cities?"

Download slides from the International Policy Exchange with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, October 16 2019: