Join Shared Future's Inquiry into Care at Home

One of Jam and Justice's action research projects is now calling for participants to join an inquiry into care at home.

Evidence and policy suggests that better services are delivered when a wide network of expertise is drawn into policy development, particularly from those with lived experience of needing care at home for themselves or family members.

Shared Future CIC has partnered with Jam and Justice as lead design and delivery partner for an inquiry into how we can find better ways to provide Care at Home, that works on an emotional, person centred and practical level.

Keeping people with care needs, safe, happy and well in their own home is one of the biggest challenges faced by individuals, their families, the NHS and Local Authorities.

Shared Futures are looking for the people who deliver or support ‘Care at Home’ services, particularly for the elderly, to take on this challenge by joining the ‘Care and Home Inquiry’. We want to take a broad interpretation of ‘Care at Home’, recognising the wide range of services and networks of support that play a role.

Find out more about the Inquiry, the roles you could play and what would be involved at the Shared Future website