Jam and Justice Input to GMCA Decision-Making

Snapshot: Andy Burnham's report to the GMCA

In June 2018, the Greater Manchester Combined Authority agreed a proposal to work with Jam and Justice and the wider Realising Just Cities programme to develop co-productive capacity.

So far, our input has included workshops and a series of international learning exchanges. One result of this collaboration can be seen in a paper presented by Andy Burnham and agreed by the GMCA in January. The five-page report confirms GMCA engagement and support for a co-production community of practice. It incorporates several examples from our work in Greater Manchester, acknowledging that:

3.3 There is a genuine opportunity to develop a community of practice around co-production through . . . the unique access to practice led and international research provided by our involvement in Realising Just Cities and Jam and Justice. . . . [T]he endorsement of GMCA will help make this a reality.

The report incorporated several examples from our work in Greater Manchester, alongside other co-productive projects developing in the city region. Building on discussion within the GMCA’s Wider Leadership Team, Combined Authority members were also asked to support future activities, such as our National Co-Production Week events.

Presenting the report to the Combined Authority, GM Mayor Andy Burnham said

“it goes to the heart of our mission”.

The paper also secured match funding for a new phase of the Elephants project with CLES and Lankelly Chase to support co-production with people with severe and multiple disadvantage in GM.

Download the full report (PDF) from the GMCA website.