How can we have better conversations about spatial planning in Greater Manchester?

Space in Common is a Jam and Justice project led and delivered in partnership between The Democratic Society and the Action Research Collective.

City regions are taking on new responsibilities for planning how they will change in the future. The last consultation on Greater Manchester’s plan – the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework - created much heat but much less productive discussion. As Greater Manchester gears up for a second consultation, it’s timely to ask how we can create better quality conversations about this space that we have in common.

What is Space in Common?

Space in Common is based on a series of four workshops between September 2018 and January 2019 – coinciding with the run-up to a consultation on the second Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

The workshops will look at how discussions about Greater Manchester’s spatial future have happened in the past, and what needs to be in place to create better conversations. We will not be discussing specific developments; rather we want to know how we can best bring in different voices, establish shared understanding, and generate great ideas about the space we have in common. You can read more on DemSoc's website.

Who Are We Looking For?

We will bring together about 12-15 people who have a stake in these issues. We want participants who will be willing to sign up for all four workshops so that the group can get to know each other and have more meaningful dialogue. Each workshop will be held at easily accessible venues in Greater Manchester.

Our next event is on October 29th, 17:00-19:15, and will include a discussion with a representative of the GMCA regarding the strategy and opportunities for engagement in the GMSF. If you'd like to attend, please register here.

Interested? Get in touch with Mat Basford at the Democratic Society to find out more.