Coalitions for Change 2: growing the coalition

Connect - inspire
Wednesday, March 6, 2019 - 10:00 to 17:00
Greater Manchester

This second get-together for those involved in Jam & Justice's Coalitions for Change process is a two-part experience, with the option of taking part in one or both parts.

  • Sharing and learning: In the morning (10am-1pm), we will share examples and what we can learn from our collective experience of co-production in and around Greater Manchester.
  • Taking action together: In the afternoon (2pm-5pm), participants will help to identify and define possible action learning sets to help shape a call for action on co-producing the city.

We've asked all who took part in the January event to invite a friend as we begin to grow our activity. If you'd like a place and you've not had an invitation, you can read more about the process or head straight to Eventbrite to book your place(s).

Coalitions for Change is due to conclude in July 2019, with our co-produced call for action. (Of course, we hope the change won't stop there!)