International Funding Conference 2019

As part of our commitment to co-production, Jam and Justice ARC members had access to a personal knowledge exchange and impact budget to support institutional and sectoral learning and take findings back into different worlds of work and life.

Paul Maher drew on his allowance to attend the International Funding Conference in Holland in October 2019. The conference involved speakers from across the globe delivering masterclasses, interactive workshops and inspirational plenaries across a range of topics such as fundraising, ethics, social enterprise, corporate partnerships, leadership and strategy, digital marketing and financial innovation.

Paul summarizes his experience:

I presented the Young People Missing from Decisions Project whilst also discussing the wider Jam and Justice programme. The theme I participated in was entitled “make a real change” and my fellow participants were international fundraisers and campaigners. I introduced the importance of young people being involved in decisions, co-designing propositions for system change and being involved in shaping the priorities of children’s services and charities.

Access to the knowledge exchange fund allowed me to participate in the conference where I was able to learn, share and build important networks. This opportunity opened up a space for me to reflect, recognise and value my involvement in the Jam and Justice journey and acknowledge the insights and knowledge I gained.

This was a great opportunity and I have been invited to speak at the 2021 conference, dependent on funding.