Ways to get involved

Following on from coalition-forging events in January and March, there are now three ways to be involved in Jam and Justice’s process of co-producing change in Greater Manchester: action learning sets, event co-design, and value mapping. Read on to learn what each option entails.


To enable personalised action towards our call for action, we are trialling a non-standard approach to co-production, using action learning sets. We asked participants at our first coalition event about the ways they might like to work together, and action learning sets was a popular option. We think the sets will form meaningful working groups, that can focus on things that are important for each person and for our shared goals.

Half-a-dozen people will come together in Sets with a trained facilitator. Together they will form a peer group, meet regularly and work collectively to address some of the complicated issues related to co-production.

Each person in a set will:

  • Bring and share an issue or challenge that they face
  • Act as a critical friend to others in the Set
  • Undertake structured reflection that uses their own expertise to help identify a path of action (with support from the Set)
  • Identify and commit to act on one or more “next steps” that relate to your challenge
  • Report back, evaluate and reflect on what’s happened

Unlike standard co-production spaces, each person will identify their own challenge. This means, if you join a set, you have the chance to explore a challenge in an area of co-production in your own life (work or non-work) and begin to make a difference. As with any peer mentoring, what’s shared in groups remains confidential.

Mid-way through, we will invite you back into a Coalitions for Change space, where you may choose to use what you are learning in your Set to inform the shared call for action.

Practicalities: how, when, where

For each set, the first session should take place before 6th May. Groups will then meet twice more before Jam and Justice’s last curated CoProduce GM event on the 1st July, and three times after (completing your Action Learning Set in September). Participants are asked to commit to attend at least 4 of these six sessions.

Sessions will normally last 3 hours, to allow different people to explore their challenges. Scheduling will be agreed within the Set, and according to your facilitator’s availability.

The “where” will vary according to the timing of sessions and the location of Set members.

If you would like to join a CoProduce GM Coalition Action Learning Set, start the process by filling out this short form.


Jam and Justice will convene a third #CoProduceGM gathering for those interested in forging coalitions for change in Greater Manchester during National Co-Production Week. If you wish to help shape that event, you can join a co-design session on Thursday 6th June. Timings are still to be agreed, so if you want to be sure you can make it, drop us a line now c/o jamandjustice@sheffield.ac.uk. Otherwise, we’ll be sending more information to the Jam and Justice mailing list in early May.


We are using online software to compare, discuss and refine the values that we agree are important for our call for action.  We started by comparing the two pre-existing sets of principles:

  • TERRAPINS (developed by Catherine Durose and Liz Richardson) 

  • The Elephants principles (developed by participants in a GM-based co-production project, and presented by Matthew Kidd)

If you are interested in participating in ongoing value-mapping between now and National Co-Production Week (1-5 July) please email jamandjustice@sheffield.ac.uk for more information about how to get involved.